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Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Summer means camp. Camp means science adventure and working with my kids. I started as the assistant head counselor and worked my way up to head/lead counselor. Conner used to be one of my Jr. counselors and then Ash took over. We always have loads of fun and while it’s a lot, it’s also super entertaining. Usually camp is 3 sessions of 3 weeks each and for the past 6 years I have worked all summer, every summer. - And I realize that sounds incredibly entitled. I’m used to a school calendar year since I work at my kids’ school so working summers is not a given, it’s considered something extra, I guess. - This summer I took one 3 week session off to go to my happy place with the family - Boone, NC.  

 So summer is always a mix of work that’s fun and family fun. It’s also super hot and muggy here in South Florida so escaping to the Appalachian mountains is such a wonderful respite. 



Best Jr. camp counselors ever...


Sunflowers in a children’s garden. Such a fun field trip.


Kayaking on a clear and quiet lake. Beautiful.


Fun Friday’s are for dressing up and being silly.


Pool time is the best time.


Skim boarding, surfing, snorkeling and all the water fun you can think off.


This girl turned 15 this summer and got her permit. Our second teen driver. Hold me!


The World Cup ended early for Germany this year and we were so sad but we still showed our team pride!


Ally had the chance to go to a comic con event in the area and dressed up as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. This was her trial run. She actually had people asking to take pictures with her while her and hubby were at the event.


And this deserves a post all its own. I fell in love with the mountains of North Carolina and we’ve been there a few times now. Our cabin this summer had the most amazing views, the cabin itself was phenomenal and I loved watching the deer and hummingbirds that came by every day.

Ash and I also had the chance to visit The Biltmore in Asheville and meet up with Beth Ann from It’s Just Life. She’s truly the best and I love catching up with her.

September 2018

September 2018

May 2018

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