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B is for books #atozchallenge

B is for books #atozchallenge

B is for books.

And this post is about the books I’ve been reading recently. I’m so happy to find and make the time to read again. For the most part I read for about 20 to 30 minutes before bed each night. If the book really grabs my attention I may drop other things and read more. I was able to finish 2 books over spring break which made me super happy. I’ve always enjoyed reading but for the past few years it happened less and less and it made me sad. I love getting sucked into a good story, fictional or not. It’s a nice escape.


Sometime last year I started following Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Bookclub on Instagram and soon after I signed up for her monthly book club.

Her January 2019 pick was The Library Book by Susan Orlean.

It took me all month to read that one. I picked it up and read in short spurts here and there. I found the story super interesting but didn’t enjoy the way it was written so it took me a while.

Now you may think “why would she read a book she’s not enjoying” and my answer would be “because I want to broaden my horizons and read things I would normally not pick up.

In February I managed to read 3 books which may not seem all that great to some people but for me it’s a huge acomplishment…

I enjoyed all three of these books.

The Proposal was the February book club pick and it was a quick, easy read and a beautiful romantic story.

Of Blood and Bone, The Chronicles of the One had been in my library for a while and I couldn’t wait to dive in. I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan. Her writing is truly amazing and I’ve yet to read a book of hers that I didn’t get engrossed in.

Last but not least, Becoming by Michelle Obama, a book I could hardly put down. I loved reading her story and getting to know our former First Lady a little better. I got the Kindle version of this book because the actually hard copy wasn’t available when I light it. But I’m planning on buying this one and adding it to my library.

In March I managed to read 3 books again and also enjoyed all three of them. Daisy Jones and the Six was the book club pick and while I enjoyed it for the most part, the way it is written interview style l, did not resonate with me. But again, I like the story and will read each and every book club pick to broaden my horizons. :)

Where the Crawdads Sing is another book club pick but from last year. This one was riveting and suspenseful. I truly enjoyed this story.

And then there was Silent Night by Danielle Steel. I used to read her books ALL of the time but hadn’t in so long. It was like putting on your favorite and comfy robe.


The book club pick for April is The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo and so far it’s a great story.

I set myself a reading goal of 30 books for the year. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going.

Let me know if you’ve been reading any of these and what you thought! I’d love to hear from you!!’



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