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D is for dog… #atozchallenge April 2019

D is for dog… #atozchallenge April 2019

D is for dog.

Audrey has been with us for almost 2 1/2 years and she’s definitely become a special member of our family.

She’s come so far since we brought her home from the Broward Humane Society that Wednesday in January 2017.

She was so timid and skittish and wouldn’t go near hubby for almost 3 weeks and it took even longer for her to get comfortable around other man. She also rarely barked for the first year or so for which she is making up now. :)

She likes to smell the… flowers.


She thinks our bed is made for her to lounge on and even though she’s not very big, she still takes up a big chunk of the bed at night.


She’s a great traveller and sits in her travel kennel or doggie seat without issue. She usually curls up into a ball and sleeps.


She’s a great protector and makes sure no one enters her territory who doesn’t belong, even if that is a bird or squirrel.


Audrey still doesn’t like to go for walks unless at least 2 of us walk with her, preferably hubby and I. She does love to run like the wind and will go a few laps after a walk. Her whole body starts to quiver right before we let her off the leash and her tails wags so fast it looks like she’s about to take flight.

She loves to snuggle. Anytime. Anywhere. And she cannot let a day go by without making sure she gives hubby one of her big doggy hugs. It’s so funny to watch. For someone who wouldn’t go near him when we first got her, she sure has changed her tune when it comes to him.

Audrey knows she found a family that loves her and will put up with her craziness and we are so happy to be able to provide her with a good home and lots of love. So grateful for Save a Sato to take her off the streets of San Juan and bring her to us.

xo, Susi

E is for elegant... #atozchallenge April 2019

E is for elegant... #atozchallenge April 2019

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