Hello, my name is Susi Kleiman.

The basics – Wife. Mom. Picture taker. Memory keeper. Nature, quote and tea lover…

Born and raised in a small town, about two hours south of Berlin, in the federal state of Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Residing in Boca Raton, Florida with my husband and 3 kids.

Things I enjoy in no particular order –

  • sitting by the pool and enjoying the sounds and views of our backyard paradise

  • playing with our pooch

  • Friday dinners at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant with my 15 year old

  • watching cooking and travel shows with my husband and dreaming about all the places we want to visit

  • my nightly cup of tea

  • taking photos of anything and everything

  • writing lists

  • organizing things

  • traveling to new places (I have a serious case of wanderlust lately)

  • late night talks with my teens

  • snuggling with my youngest

  • reading

  • swimming

  • walking (especially barefoot on the beach)

  • Yoga

  • hiking in the mountains of North Carolina (and escaping the Florida heat in the summer)

  • that first cup of coffee in the morning

  • working as a camp counselor at summer camp

  • our wetlands and nature center

  • shopping

This list is by no means complete. I may add to it from time to time as things come to me.